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Traildust Motel. 919 Bailey Ave, Matador, TX 79244
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Traildust Motel. 919 Bailey Ave, Matador, TX 79244

24-06-2013 · Comments (0)
Categories: Hasselblad 501CM  Kodak Ektar  USA  

The years blurred until I barely recognised my own face
Years I spent trying the same way and living in the same place

I started having dreams of the desert so real they haunted me
Always sunny and never gray no noise just wind and sage

I began taking vacation days and driving out as far as I could
The people around me said I drew away that a ghost I became

Down in Utah in the middle of the day I knew I could never go back
At a New Mexico gas station a kid was talking to me
I could hear what he said no words came from me
Until he finally walked away

I'm heading farther, heading farther now,
I'm heading farther out and away.

Listening to:"A Ghost I Became" (Thirteen Cities) - Richmond Fontaine

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